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  • Vietnam 2023: Loud & Colorful

    Vietnam 2023: Loud & Colorful

    After the soaring 38° heat wave in Southern Laos and Cambodia, I rode the bus headed for Saigon. The second I arrive, I’m slapped by the chaotic swing of the city: endless swaths of scooters zooming past and tirelessly honking their way through. Incessant shouting, eating, drinking, all of it happening in the streets. I…

  • Laos 2023: Slow Jungle

    Laos 2023: Slow Jungle

    Laos, my favorite country of all South-East Asia. A country of only 7 million, ranked 130th in GDP. I was looking forward to the change of pace from Thailand. My photography reflected how slow-paced the lifestyle in Laos remained: where much of the country still relies on oxen to plough the land!

  • Thailand 2023: New Beginnings

    Thailand 2023: New Beginnings

    I begin my travels with a one-way flight for Bangkok, as any good South East Asia backpacker should. The rest of the trip is entirely improvised; every decision made at the last second. I excitingly step out of the plane: heat. Courageously deciding to make my way downtown by public transport, only to be stuck…

  • Été du Parisien

    Été du Parisien

    After having ventured around Asia for five months, I returned to my hometown of Paris. The plan was simple: shoot exclusively black and white for three months. At this stage, I was unsure of what to do with my days: I wanted to travel, but Asia had already depleted my savings. I wanted to feel…

  • Portraits


    A collection of portraits. From the street, from travels, from friends etc…

  • Paris 2022

    Paris 2022

    After returning to Paris from life in the UK, many of the shots Oct-Dec. Rediscovering my hometown.

  • London, Edinburgh 2022

    London, Edinburgh 2022

    This is a photo series covering my favorite shots of my short stint living in the UK during 2022. This was a strange time for me. Seeing how London had changed since Brexit, Covid, inflation, and the war in Ukraine. All these causing big economic and political turmoil. I felt out of place. Upon further…