Vietnam 2023: Loud & Colorful

In January 2023, I decide to return to my almost-native continent: Asia.

The purpose of this trip being mostly to stop and think about what I want from my life, from my 20s. Along with photography, writing a screenplay, journaling, and rediscovering new cultures.

5 months in ASIA series


After the soaring 38° heat wave in Southern Laos and Cambodia, I rode the bus headed for Saigon. The second I arrive, I’m slapped by the chaotic swing of the city: endless swaths of scooters zooming past and tirelessly honking their way through. Incessant shouting, eating, drinking, all of it happening in the streets. I felt like I had jumped right back into a rumble of urban craziness. Saigon felt so alive.

. . .

Hoi An & Hue

I left Saigon after a week with a sad face, but knowing fully that I will return. It was now time for a more relaxed experience: in the small overly-touristy town of Hoi An and the bigger imperial city of Hue. Hoi An remains special for me as I began writing my first screenplay there, during the span of a week, typing away 24/7 in a coffee shop.

. . .

North Vietnam

My last leg of Vietnam took place all over the North; a mix of ferries, scooter adventures to the middle of nowhere, accidentally sleeping in a brothel, and Hanoi soundscapes.

I ended the trip longing for more. In a sentimental mood of nostalgia, I drew up a fast video edit to retrace this beautiful adventure. If you’re curious here it is:

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