South Korea 2023: Urban Everywhere

In January 2023, I decide to return to my almost-native continent: Asia.

The purpose of this trip being mostly to stop and think about what I want from my life, from my 20s. Along with photography, writing a screenplay, journaling, and rediscovering new cultures.

5 months in ASIA series


This past decade, the West has been infatuated with South Korea for reasons that I can hardly explain – perhaps its cosmetic products, its K-Pop, or the grilled Pork of the many K-BBQ restaurants. Seoul is a megacity with endless amounts of people; and where Korea’s rigid traditions and ways of life seem to be in a clash against the modernity and hype-ness of the city. One could live there for a century and still barely have discovered the metropolis…

. . .

That’s all, for now

My five months long adventure came to a stop after South Korea. After having explored so much of the region, and spent the majority of my savings, I decided to return to Europe. The return allowed me to delve much deeper into photography, and darkroom printing.

As I look back on this voyage, my eyes start tearing up. Asia, you’ve been good to me.

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